Transition. That space between where you once were and where you're going.  That space somewhere between here and there. 

That space of journey. That space of realizing you're entering into the unknown. 

Some transitions are more difficult than others. Some transitions pass more quickly than others. 

Some blind-side you.

Some you prepare for. Some you think you have prepared for, but are quickly reminded that there are things you can never anticipate. 

Some you realize there is no preparation you can do but brace yourself for impact.  Some you welcome and embrace knowing it's bringing you somewhere you're meant to be. Some you do anything to distract yourself from it's happening; not wanting to accept you couldn't stay just where you were in the first place.  

Some begin with a weight lifted; an exhale. Some hit you like bricks and knock the wind right out of you.  Some are gentle with a sense of guidance and purpose.  Some are like fighting for air in between crashing waves. 

Some are seamless, and naturally glide swiftly into the next. Some push you to your limits of patience, endurance, and resilience.  Some feel like clouds of inspiration; potential ready to be shaped. Some feel like clouds of chaos you're unable to do anything with but wait for it to settle. 

Sometimes the only thing that transitions have in common are that They will happen. We all experience them. They are all temporary.  You will make it out alive. So breathe in the moments that you can; even if it's just one breath.

Find solace in its impermanence.  Seek for the lessons within the emotions.  See the opportunity for growth. Set intentions for the next stage.  Feel the excitement to meet the version of you who is waiting on the other side. 

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