A Lesson in Forgiveness

I always saw Forgiveness as a destination on the path of healing. Only once you've waded through the trenches of your own thoughts and understanding of what happened, and when you've labored and rebuilt the broken parts of you - only then would you reach the point where you could finally be able to forgive. But when I asked him how he did it; how a whole nation was able to reach the place forgiveness, he said. "You just have to do it. Before anything else - you have to forgive and then go from there."

He quoted, "'Resentment is like drinking the poison and hoping it will kill your enemy'.. it truly is just like that...You don't forgive for the other person; you have to forgive for yourself. It feels better for you, for your mind and soul. It is a weight lifted from you. You are free when you forgive.

The healing will follow, but Forgiveness is where you need to begin."

-Rwanda 2017

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